Honsberg Band Saw Blades

Javan Steel, Exclusive Distributor ofHonsberg Band Saw Blades

Band Saw Blades


Bimetal band saw blades made of ~4% high chrome alloyed backing material and HSS cutting edge made of HSS M42 (material No.1.3247) with cobalt content. The theeth hardness is 68HRc to 69HRc in various models.

Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten Carbide band saw blades with proven ~4% high chrome alloyed tenacious backing material and a carbide tipped, diamond ground tooth edge. The theeth hardness is 1600HV to 3200HV in various models.

Carbon Steel

Carbon Steel band saw blades made out of one piece of chrome alloyed carbon steel with a pin point carbide structure and a teeth hardness of 66-67HRc.

Blade Types

Cutting Materials